Canadians at the Amsterdam Olympics (1928)

The 1928 Summe
1928 Amsterdam Olympics Poster
1928 Amsterdam Olympics Poster
r Olympics, also known as the Games of the IX Olympiad, was the largest multi-sport event which was in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1928. The opening ceremony took place on July 28, 1928 and the Olympics lasted until August 12, 1928.

For the first time, a symbolic fire was lit during the Games. The fire was lit in a cauldron that was placed at the top of a tower in the stadium, which had been designed by Jan Wils, Dutch architect.

A total of 46 nations were represented at the Amsterdam Games. Germany finally returned to participate in Olympics after being deliberately not invited in 1920 and 1924. There were 69 participants from Canada (62 males and 7 females). The youngest participant, Jenny Thompson was only 17 years old and the oldest one, Tait McKenzie, was in age of 60.
Percy Williams
Canadians took their part in 8 sports such as Art Competitions, Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Rowing, Diving, Swimming and Wrestling. Percy Williams was an athlete who won 2 gold medals for Canada in Athletics competitions. In total, Canada won 15 medals:

4 gold
  • Percy Williams, Athletics in men's 100m and 200m;
  • Ethel Catherwood, Athletics in women's high jump;
  • Ethel Smith, Bobbie Rosenfeld, Myrtle Cook, Jean Thompson, Athletics in women's 4x100 relay.
4 silver
  • Bobbie Rosenfeld, Athletics in women's 100m;
  • James Ball, Athletics in men's 400 m;
  • Joseph Wright and John Guest, Rowing in men's double sculls;
  • Donald Stockton, Wrestling in men's freestyle middleweight.

7 bronze
  • Ethel Smith, Athletics in women's 100 m
  • James Ball, Stanley Glover, Phil Edwards, Alexander Wilson, Athletics in men's 4x400 m relay;
  • Raymond Smillie, Boxing in men's welterweight;
  • Frederick Hedges, Frank Frisddes, John Hand, Herbert Richardson, Jack Murdoch, Athol Meech, Charles Norris, William Ross, John Donnelly, Rowing in men's Eights with coxswain;
  • Munroe Bourne, James Thompson, Garnet Ault, Walter Spence, Swimming in men's 4x200 m freestyle relay;
  • James Trifunov, Wrestling in men's Freestyle Bantamweight;
  • Maurice Letchfors, Wrestling in men's Freestyle Welterweight.

This amount of medals that Canadians got through the Amsterdam Olympics, leaded them to be 10th in the general offset in those Games.

Canadian athlete winning the competitions
Canadian athlete winning the competitions